FRP/GRP Storage Tanks

FRP/GRP Storage Tanks

We are a manufacturer of tanks used in various industries, adapted for contact with various types of substances, both aggressive and non-aggressive.

We build structures that can be used for storing bulk solids, gases, and liquids. Each of our offered products is custom-made, so it can be tailored to the specific needs of the investor. We are a manufacturer of structures such as liquid storage tanks, atmospheric tanks, for industry, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), vertical, underground, horizontal, fire protection, process, industrial, and made of fiberglass.

Among our achievements are non-pressure water storage tanks. As a manufacturer, we offer a very wide range of vertical, horizontal, rectangular, and underground structures, which are adapted for both drinking water storage and industrial use, such as liquids for firefighting or rainwater. The offered structures are made of fiberglass. We also have the necessary equipment for them in our assortment.

Structures designed for storing non-aggressive chemical substances are divided into vertical and horizontal ones. During their construction, a type of resin is used, which makes the object suitable for storing substances specified by the investor and will become resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. They are very often used for storing vegetable or mineral oils, aqueous solutions, paints, suspensions, as well as glycols and brines. Such structures are distinguished, among others, by high strength, lightness, and very long life.

We also offer tanks designed for storing corrosive and toxic substances. Structures adapted for this purpose can operate in very difficult conditions because they are resistant to aggressive chemical environments. In the case of corrosive liquids, the tanks are equipped with overflow, vent, drain, inspection, chemically resistant lining, and transport handles. As a manufacturer, we customize each facility to the individual needs of the enterprise or institution in which it will operate.

Advantages and benefits

GRP water tanks are the leading product in our company’s range. Tanks made of plastic are ideal for storing drinking water, rainwater or process water.

TROKOTEX tanks are widely used in both the private and public sectors. They are appreciated by designers of sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, as well as by general contractors of industrial investments, power plants, environmental protection.

The highest quality resins and fiberglass are used in production, which brings many advantages:.

No contact with the medium

The resin does not come into contact with a medium such as water (water is not contaminated).

Corrosion resistance

The tanks have excellent corrosion resistance.

Multi-size products

Possibility of making large-size products with unusual shapes.

High durability

The tanks are characterized by low weight, high mechanical strength and UV resistance.

Types of tanks

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We present to you a dedicated Tank Configurator that will make the process of selecting the storage tanks you are interested in easier and more attractive.

The configurator allows you to select the appropriate type of tank along with specifying its capacity [m3] and diameter [mm]. Based on this, a technical drawing is presented along with detailed technical specifications.

Configure your tank

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