The bulk material tank, or GRP silos, is designed for the storage of both bulk and liquid agricultural and food products.

The main storage materials are:

* pellets

* flour

* cereal

* salt

* and others

Advantages and benefits

Composite silos show many advantages over steel silos. One advantage is the greater durability of the plastic, the other is better insulating properties, which exclude the problem of condensation of large amounts of water vapor, which significantly reduces the risk of mold in grain, feed mixtures and other materials.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP, GFRP) also eliminates problems with stored bulk materials sticking to walls reducing the need for frequent cleaning….

Tanks designed for storing bulk materials are equipped with an internal anti-abrasive lining, which increases the strength of the inner wall against abrasion. An additional option to protect the tank from the accumulation of electrostatic charges is the use of specialized coatings with charge dissipation.

Increased durability of plastic

Better insulation properties

Corrosion resistance

No contact with the medium


Type ZVs vertical silos made of composite material have a strong and lightweight construction, which makes transportation and setup much easier. On the other hand, cylindrical tanks with conical bottoms enable complete gravity emptying of the stored material

For bulk material tanks, we offer additional equipment with the following configuration: KO steel loading pipe with fireman’s quick coupling, inspection hatch, additional connections according to the investor’s guidelines, ladder with protective basket, service platform, level gauge and others.

Since each tank is made to the individual order of the Recipient, the arrangement and size of connections (basic spigots, manholes, threaded connections) remains a matter of agreement and does not affect the price of the finished tank.

Each product made by us is subjected to thorough testing in the in-house testing laboratory.

The chemical resistance and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by testing laboratories recognized by the Office of Technical Inspection. We have certificates of chemical resistance for, among others: sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, PIX, PAX, ALF, drinking water, fruit and vegetable preserves, foodstuffs.

Tanks for aggressive liquids are made in accordance with the concession documents approved by the Office of Technical Inspection

The tank is accompanied by a tank passport, which includes, among other things, technical data, technical drawings, approvals, laboratory test results, UDT and KJ acceptance protocol.

In order to facilitate design work, it is possible to send complete drawings of our products saved in *.dwg format.


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We present to you a dedicated Tank Configurator that will make the process of selecting the storage tanks you are interested in easier and more attractive.

The configurator allows you to select the appropriate type of tank along with specifying its capacity [m3] and diameter [mm]. Based on this, a technical drawing is presented along with detailed technical specifications.

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