Type ZH with a bath

Horizontal cylindrical tanks type ZH are made in two variants
– with integrated two supports or
– with integrated continuous support.

They are designed for use in a horizontal position and work well in places where, due to limited height, it is not possible to set up a vertical tank. 

Above-ground horizontal retention tanks ZH are at the same time additional protection of the water source for fire-fighting purposes. They also serve as a reservoir for flushing water for the technological system at the SUW.

Advantages and benefits

Safety tubs are a self-contained, safe structure designed to receive the medium from the tank in case of loss of airtightness.

The capacity of the tub is at least equal to the capacity of the tank placed in it, so that complete protection against possible contamination of the environment is achieved. The tub has a connection with a 2” male thread, to which a valve for draining it can be connected.

The safety tub is a self-supporting structure, i.e. it can be installed on a sand bed without a foundation. This eliminates costly and lengthy construction work. The structure is lightweight and can be easily moved with the help of transport handles.

Special angle brackets are installed to determine the location of the tank in the tub.

Safe design

Corrosion resistance

High durability


Multi-size products


Many years of experience in the production of equipment, working with a medium such as industrial water resulted in the design of the tank proposed in the following configuration.

 * liquid level indicators

Horizontal tanks (Type – ZH in Trokotex classification) with the following equipment:

* GRP/steel KO ladders (indoor and outdoor)

* PUR foam insulation (for tanks exposed to sub-zero temperatures, effectively prevents water from freezing)

* service platforms (allowing maintenance and operation of the working device)

* heating system on the basis of a heating cable with a supply cabinet (recommended especially in case of extreme temperatures or as an additional protection against freezing)

The highest quality resins and fiberglass are used in production, which brings many advantages.


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Dimensional tables

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